PatientAngle™ conveniently captures patient feedback on various aspects of your organization, then delivers the feedback in ‘real time’ to the appropriate staff and management.  This timely output allows you and your staff to quickly make needed changes and decisions that aid in providing a better quality of service to your patients.  It also points out the people and practices in your organization that patients like and are happy with!

Most importantly, PatientAngle™ includes a highly trained consultant that will manage and analyze your feedback, and work with you on a weekly basis to ensure that you are aware of the trends in the information coming in.  That means you will not be burdened with capturing and analyzing the feedback, and incorporating this value-added feature will not add costly staff hours to your budget!

PatientAngle™ is not like any other product on the market.  Not only is the feedback captured with just 4 simple questions, completed in just one minute, it can be made available to your patients with strategically placed stations in your office.


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For Patients

  • It is fast and fun – Patients can provide feedback on a specific aspect of your healthcare service or on a specific staff member in less than a minute.
  • Patients can access your organization feedback page by clicking on a hyperlink in your email communication, by using a kiosk/tablet/iPad at the place of service (your practice, your hospital, etc.), by scanning with their mobile devices a QR code or a Near Field Communication (NFC) tag at your place of service, by typing an easy to remember URL (e.g., on their mobile devices or any computer, and soon by texting or tweeting their feedback.
  • Your patients can give the feedback anytime during and after receiving your services or using your facilities.
  • Patients can submit their feedback without logging in or providing any identifying information. If they choose, they can provide their email addresses or phone numbers when they don’t mind the management follow up with them on actions taken by your practice or hospital in response to their feedback. You can also have periodic random drawings to select a patient to receive a prize (e.g., a $50 gift card) to appreciate them taking their time to provide feedback.
  • Patients can choose a feedback page in their native language.

For Staff & Management

  • Staff and management receive confidential and specific feedback in real time.
  • Staff can take action on feedback and record actions.
  • Managers can email or call the patient for “closing the loop”.
  • Managers or staff only see the feedback within their purview.
  • Fraudulent feedback submissions are detected and flagged.
  • PatientAngle™, Brings transparency around patient service by providing a forum within the organization for discussing and acting on patients’ feedback. Furthermore, it brings accountability for patient experience as senior management can monitor actions taken by managers and staff in their respective areas.