Increase revenues by listening to your stakeholders

Benchmarking Group International (BGi) offers the most innovative and cost-effective approach for managing your stakeholders’ expectations. BGi has helped many organizations over the years to reach their peak performance in critical business areas by capturing and analyzing key performance metrics.

Our Experience:

BGi offers you the experience gained in working with many leading organization such as Cardinal Health, Chevron, Chrysler, ExxonMobil, Ford, Morgan Stanley, Ontario Power, OppenheimerFunds, and Weyerhaeuser in improving business performance.
In recent years, BGi has focused on the development and deployment of an innovative toolset for organizations to manage and improve their external and internal stakeholders’ expectations. The CustomerAngle™ toolset includes PatientAngle™, EmployeeAngle™, and SupplierAngle™. It is a secure, cloud-based, cost-effective and scalable technology software solution that offers:

  • A fun, quick, and convenient ways for your stakeholders to provide comment on a specific product, service, or staff member of your organization.
  • Real-time delivery of actionable feedback and alerts to your management and staff.
  • A platform to engage stakeholders in improving your products, services and staff
  • An outcome-based tool for your managers and supervisor to focus their efforts on improving areas that have the greatest importance to customers.
  • Promoting a healthy competition by enabling your staff and managers to benchmark their products or services against other products & services in your organization.
  • An effective humane resource tool for recognizing and coaching your staff.
  • An alternative method to the old, less-effective, disliked, lengthy, and after-the-fact customer surveys.

We will support you through a fast and easy implementation of the CustomerAngle™ toolset in your organization without impacting your on-going operations. Furthermore, we will support you in ensuring that you maximize your return on your investment by producing tangible positive impact on your business. The pay-as-you-go subscription model  is flexible and does not require a large financial commitment.

Read on about this exciting and innovative toolset, and contact us for scheduling a complimentary no-obligation 30-minute demonstration. We love to be your partner in meeting and exceeding your stakeholders’ expectations.